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Another Croatia+Schengen Question

Hello all!
I was planning to spend my "out of Schengen" time in Albania (as I have friends there), but it might not work out as planned and I am starting to look at Plan Bs.

Croatia is my top choice, but the reason I am hesitant is because I know it applied for Schengen status and I have read at quite a few places that while not in the Schengen Zone yet, it enforces Schengen rules. Does this mean that it treats time spent there as part of the 90 out of 180 time period? Would I be safe planning a trip to Croatia in November (of this year) to be out of the zone or can that application for Schengen status be accepted at any moment now? I know questions similar to this have been addressed but I am hoping for the most updated information, including input from someone who recently spent time in Croatia as a way to leave Schengen.

Thank you!!

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Croatia is an applicant to join, but it definitely will not join by at least 2018, it still has a ways to go in the accession process. Regarding the Schengen rules the country already applies, it has harmonised its visa policy with the Schengen Area - it grants visa-free access to citizens of the same countries as the Schengen Area. However, staying in Croatia means leaving the Schengen Area and does not count towards the 90 in 180 days.