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American traveling from Greece to Croatia

Hello Guys/Gals,
Am I understanding correctly that if I'm already in Greece (11 days) and then traveling to Croatia through airline that I must test before my flight? I originally thought that with the CDC card that testing was not necessary... Thank you for any detailed information. What I found looked like when Americans are entering Croatia from Greece you must be tested despite having vaccination records.
Thanks Again

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Without digging into it, that sounds correct. Most EU countries require testing, despite vaccination status.

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For covid border testing it isn't your nationality (US) that matters, it is where you have been the previous 14 or so days (US, Greece, anywhere else like for changing flights). If people coming from there are required to be tested, everybody needs to be tested. Doesn't matter about what passport you have or your CDC card.

Check again before travel from home, and again before changing countries. Things change all the time - sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.