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All Dubrovnik kayaking tours canceled? And other ideas?

Our travel agent just told me that this year the city of Dubrovnik isn't giving any kayaking companies concession to use the city beaches, and this means that there will be no kayaking excursions (unless this decision is overturned, which will be too late for our trip). First off, do any of you know anything about this?

Second, and of more immediate importance to our particular trip, do you have any suggestions for other things to do while we are in Dubrovnik? Travel agent suggested a full day tour of the Elafiti islands, which could work. We have about 2.5 days in Dubrovnik, with a city tour on the first evening, a day trip to Montenegro on another day, so we are looking to fill part or all of one day.


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I always recommend taking the local ferry, about 10-15 minutes to Lokrum Island for a nice hike, swim, lunch or bring a picnic. There is one cafe and one bar to get drinks. It is a National Park so the only people who stay over are firefighters or some workers. Just an FYI, the tickets went up significantly to around 25€.
You can also hike up, down or both ways to Mt. Srd. You can take the cable car the other way. Another FYI, while we were up in Mt. Srd last October, there were ATVs you could rent and ride around. I don’t know if they will be there this year.
I consider walking the walls around the city to be an Urban Hike for us city folk.
There is also a boat ride around the city in the evening when you can watch the sunset.
About the kayaking, PM local.du here on the forum. He lives in Dubrovnik and is a tour guide. Maybe he can find out for you.
As soon as you arrive in Dubrovnik I would go to the TI office (it is on the Main Street near the water fountain, Ploče entrance) and ask them. Every trip we make to Dubrovnik new excursions pop up while others disappear. The city is constantly trying to figure what is best for the locals and tourists.

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It’s been some years since I was there and spent a cruise day just being IN Dubrovnik, wandering the streets, spending time at a street market, visiting the aquarium which is in an old fortress by the harbour, so doubly interesting, walking the walls, eating - I remember enjoying the Croatian version of proscuitto in a fresh bread roll, it’s a beautiful city and it’s worth taking the time to enjoy it, especially as you will have had the advantage of a tour the night before and thus be aware of places worth a revisit.

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Thank you! I love the idea of the ferry to Lokrum, and also the sunset cruise. Thank you also for the contact info. And that is a great point about having better perspective on our own wanderings after the formal tour!

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The ferry to Lokrum and the sunset cruise leave from the same port. When you take your walking tour the guide will most likely take you pas the pier. Inside the old city is very small, just one Main Street, you really can’t get lost.

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Sounds like your itinerary is set aside from one full day in Dubrovnik. Frankly, I would just stick around and explore Dubrovnik a bit. Walk the walls in the morning, take the cable car to Mt. Std, take a quick swim if you’re up for it (Lokrum is a great place to swim.) There’s no shortage of day long and half-day excursions to the Elafiti islands. There are a bunch of booths at the old port, you can chat with them and decide when you’re there. There’s not really a need to book far ahead. And I think Lokrum is probably a decent stand-in for anyplace you might visit on an island tour.

I kind of have a hard time imagining this is the end of kayaking in Dubrovnik or something. There’s quite a few of these outfits. It may be just particular operator your agent deals with. Odds are there is something, just departing from a different spot. In the end, it’s all about who’s getting their cut of the tourist dollars. I’m sure this will work itself out before the season kicks off.

I was told the same thing by my kayak tour guide and my tour was canceled. Thank you for the alternative suggestions.

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Hello Everyone,

We are going to be in Dubrovnik in July and see a variety of tour operators that are still accepting reservations for a morning kayak trip. Has there been any updates from anyone that has been there in the past couple of weeks? Lots to do but we are hoping for a morning paddle.