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Airport transfers

I am flying out of Split to Munich then on to Toronto. My flight from Split is at 7:55. I am trying to figure out the best way to the airport. I see buses run but am worried about the reliability of a bus at that time in the morning as well as getting to the bus station on my own that early I could do a cab but the cost is high Has anyone taken a but in the very early Morning hours. Or would a cab be a better call
As well how early would you advice getting to the airport. Not sure about the size and speed of this airport

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You might want to check with your hotel as they may have a service they use and/or recommend.

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Many hotels in Croatia are affiliated with certain cab companies that will transport you to the airport at a fixed price (i.e. no gouging). Our hotel in Zagreb provided this as well as our hotel in Dubrovnik. I assume the same would be true for Split.

You can also book an airport transfer in advance, if you wish. Sites like Viator include airport transfers in addition to their tours. Note that Viator is an aggregator of local services, not a tour company themselves. But they have vetted the companies they use and I've used Viator in cases where I didn't know who I could trust. Sure, you may find cheaper prices by finding a cab yourself, but you may also find someone gouging you as well. Nevertheless, I would first contact the hotel and ask the question, and fall back on a Viator (or equivalent) option.

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I've taken an early bus and it was a fraction of the cost of a car transfer (the transfer was steep). Look at the bus schedule - if the first bus is at 5am, you will make your flight. Not hard to get to the station if you're staying in the center but buy your ticket the day before in case the kiosk is not open (which may be the case very early in the AM). The airport was smallish but had a lot of people going through security when I was there (I remember a huge Russian contingent as they vacation in Croatia) - still, I think 2 hours before a flight should be fine.