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"airport hotel" in/near Pula

We began this part of our planning by looking for a modest (ok, "cheap but clean") hotel near the Pula airport -- think "Ibis". But we quickly found that even the Pula Airport info. sites say there aren't any such. And Rick's books say "don't bother" -- stay in Rovinj instead of Pula. Okay, I read that as a suggestion to take a couple of days of the Ljubljana week and shift them to a couple-night stay in Rovinj.

Hmmm... VRBO for Istria shows places with a 4 (or even 7) night minimum in late June. I've sent off queries to the couple of "guest houses" in Rick's Croatia/Slovenia book (Vila Kristina & Vila Lili). Does anyone have other suggestions for a 2 (or 3) night stay within a reasonable distance from the Pula airport, for a departure on 30 June? (We'll be driving/returning a rental car.)

Since this reopens the planning for that week, any ideas/suggestions are very welcome!! Thanks!

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Why do you want to stay near the airport? I don't get it. You are talking about a very small area, very small airport. Just find a quaint hotel in Pula or Rovinj or Porec and drive to the airport on your departure day. Staying at an airport "ibis" style hotel in such a beautiful area would be such a waste. To put it in perspective, from downtown Pula to the Pula airport is a 12 minute drive. Rovinj to the Pula airport is a 40 minute drive. Porec to the airport is 48 minutes. There are also loads of cute villages in between.

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Thanks for replying, Emily! To clarify ... it doesn't need to be "near" per se -- just on the same side of the border. After a week in Slovenia, we were initially envisioning a return to Croatia the day before departure and positioning ourselves near the airport for an easy connection out of the country. (At that point, having been in the 2 countries for over 3 weeks we were opting for simplicity over more sight-seeing.)

The main concern was that, given the potential for 'surprises' in a border crossing, it seemed wiser for us to position ourselves back across the border for the day of our departure from Pula. When that didn't seem possible (even Pula says it has no handy 'hotels'!!), I then tried to find some lodging in/around Pula for a couple of days, using VRBO (which is what we've been using for all our lodgings) -- but it looks like the entire Istria area is popular enough to demand 4- (or 7-) day minimums.

We're now working our way through Rick's guide book suggestions, for a recommended place that will work for 2 (or 3) nights, and take those nights off the Ljubljana week.

Does that make better sense now?

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Consider staying at the Park Plaza-Pula. It's a beautiful resort less than 10 miles from the airport. Restaurants and spa on property.