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Airlines flying from Oregon to Croatia


Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to get (flying of course!) to Croatia via Oregon? I have been looking at Expedia/Travelocity type sites but prefer to book directly with airlines if possible. I'm wondering if I should book separate flights? Fly into Germany and then another flight to Croatia. Or maybe in to Slovenia and a train to Croatia? Any opinions on Condor airlines or Lufthansa? Anyway, any suggestions appreciated. Going in July.


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Only book separate tickets if you intend to stay in first landing spot (Germany?) for at least 24 hours before continuing to Croatia.
Condor is a budget airline, tighter seat spacing, changing in Frankfurt. Delta/KLM is the other option changing in Amsterdam.

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If you're wanting to go out of Portland, Delta can get you non-stop into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Catch Croatia Airlines to Zagreb from there.

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Which Croatian airport? ZGB? DBV?
The best way from Portland is probably via AMS with Delta/KLM (which are codeshare partners) or via FRA with Condor/Lufthansa/Croatian Airlines (all codeshare partners).
If you are willing to endure 2 or more layovers (instead of just one) then the options are many.

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Try this site - with whole month selected. You could try it for the entire journey. Then test it out for say a trip to London & then a separate trip from London to Croatia.

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Do not book separate flights ... EVER. If one flight is delayed, you next flight will not be updated to compensate, and you could find yourself in a very unfortunate situation. When we went to Croatia last year, we flew on Delta/KLM/Air France. Our original itinerary was to fly to DTW to AMS and then on. Our domestic flight to Detroit would up being delayed and we got rerouted to ATL and then over to AMS, but at a different time than we should have arrived. Still, we got to our final destination without a problem.

As far as Croatia goes, the most connected airport is Zagreb. The next closest major airport is Budapest, which is still a 6 hour train ride from Zagreb. I would only fly into Budapest (or somewhere else) if the other location was an actual part of your itinerary or if the tickets are insanely cheaper.

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Thank you Mike W.

My preferred airline is Delta. I will try to find a reasonable flight using them and will check out Google Flights. I do plan on flying into Zegreb.

Thank you

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If Delta is preferred, Google Flights lets you select the SkyTeam Alliance as one of the options. I've found that the easiest approach is to research using Google Flights and then book the ticket you want via Delta (even if the trip is mostly Air France or KLM). Doing this breadth of searching via the Delta website can be really time consuming.

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if you have the time fly Aer Lingus to Dublin round trip. Spend a day or two in Dublin then take direct flight via Aer Lingus to Dubrovnik. For return back, you have multiple direct flights from Croatia to Dublin: Zadar; Ryan Air or Pula: Aer lingus, etc.

Thats what we are doing at the end of may. it was about half the cost for tickets and we get to visit Ireland for a cpl of day on each end of the trip.