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Airline feedback- Condor and Lot

We are looking at flying into Slovenia and out of Croatia this July. We are coming from Toronto.

Some of the best deals are either with Condor or Lot. We have never flown either. Lot seems to get better customer reviews when looking online but thought I would ask this group if they have any experience with these airlines or other options for me to explore

Thank you!

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I know there can be problems on any airline but we flew Condor in September and it was a NIGHTMARE. Didn't even get to our original destination of Florence. Flights were late, canceled, re routed, luggage lost, ticketing problems... the list goes on. Oh- the food was terrible, couldn't even eat it.

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LOT is fine (it's the national Polish airline), you shouldn't have any issues.

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I've flown Condor numerous times. We didn't have any problems. We don't check luggage. The food was fine in all three classes - Coach, Prem Econ and Business. Coach is tight with them (and everyone else, I feel) and I would not fly coach. Premium Economy was comfortable enough. The one time I flew business class with Condor, I was so happy I could have cried.

Condor will sell you a single ticket into Slovenia and out of Croatia - they often sell you the shorter legs on Lufthansa flights. We arrived late once into Frankfurt by a couple of hours and went right to a Lufthansa counter with our Condor tickets and got on the next flight.

I'm not looking for a hotel experience when I fly. I want a safe flight and enough leg room so that I'm not losing my mind as I sit there for 10 hours. Condor Premium Econ will work just fine for that.

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We've flown on Lot, and it is just fine. It's not as nice as Austrian Air (free wine, as much as you want) or Turkish Air. But it was fine. I will relate one issue - our flight from NY to Warsaw departed late, and we had to immediately get on a flight to Zagreb, which had been held for us and for 30 others. We were quickly moved from our Lot flight to the flight to Zagreb. However, we were not checked in. This was a serious issue. Since we "missed" a leg, this cancelled out our entire ticket. On our way back from Frankfurt, our reservation was not on the flight. We went to the Customer Service, and it took them 45 minutes but they found our flight. All was well on the way home. The point is that the Lot connection skipped a vital step.