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Air travel to Ljubujuana for Croatia trip

What is the best way to get to Slovenia from PNW? Seems not many direct inter Europe flights go there from Amsterdam where we normally fly. Thanks.

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Ljubljana is a fairly short train or bus trip from Zagreb, and some folks have taken shuttles (GoOpti is one) from Venice. Flight options probably depend not only on your preferred origin airport but the precise travel date.

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Adria Airways ceased operations a few weeks back, leaving a big gap in service to Ljubujuana. Depending on how far away your trip is, I might give it a little time to see if some of the other regional players add flights to meet demand.

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Pippa, last year we flew from SeaTac on Delta to Amsterdam>Venice. It worked well for us because we wanted to stay in Venice for a week. We took the GoOpti shared shuttle to Ljubljana. It was a comfortable 2.5 hour ride. We were dropped off across from the train station. It was an easy 10 min. walk to Ljubljana. As mentioned up thread flying into Zagreb is another viable option.

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I've been to Slovenia four times (and to Croatia on two of those trips). I've never flown directly to either Slovenia or Croatia. On two trips, I flew into Venice and went directly to Ljubljana. First time I flew PDX to Amsterdam on Delta then took a KLM flight to Venice. On another occasion, I flew into Milan (also via Amsterdam) and spent a few days in Italy first before heading on to Slovenia and Croatia. On another trip, I flew into Munich and spent a few days in Salzburg and Graz before heading down to eastern Slovenia and working my way west to Ljubljana. But, I wanted to do those early stops anyway so just built a few extra days into my trip.

But...flying to Venice is probably your best best. Flying to Zagreb could also work, but most likely, you'll find a more competitive flight into Venice. There are many ways to get from Venice to Ljubljana now. GoOpti is one, but there are also direct buses from Venice Marco Polo airport to Ljubljana now. You can even take the train most of the way if you want - take a bus from the airport to Mestre train station, then train to Trieste, train from there to Ljubljana. Takes longer than a bus for sure, makes more sense if you plan a night's stop in Trieste to start the trip.

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If you want to fly through Amsterdam, then your only option to LJU is Transavia, KLM’s low cost carrier. Unfortunately that means separate tickets as far as I’m aware. Out of the major hubs, Ljubljana is connected (or will be in the coming weeks) to Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich, Munich and Istanbul. Alternatively, as others have suggested, fly into Venice or Zagreb and take a shuttle to Ljubljana.

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Why don’t you just plug the details into kayak and see what comes out?