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Air Travel from Croatia

My husband and I are traveling to Italy in late April. We would like to see Crotia and considered the ferry from Venice to Rovinj. This would be toward the end of our travels. We are flying out of Zurich on May 12, 2014. Has anyone flown from a location close to Rovinj to Zurich? We found a flight from Zagreb to Zurich, but travel to Zagreb ( bus/train ) about 5 hours. Trying to determine if we return should by ferry to Venice and train to Zurich..or continue searching for flights? OR JUST DITCH THE IDEA OF traveling to Crotia and remain in northern Italy prior to our return.

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I have been looking into options myself, for our trip next October. There is an airport at Pula,,which is a short bus ride ( about 40 minutes) from Rovinj. I do not know what airlines serve that one, but you could try Croatian Airlines, EasyJet, and maybe Lufthansa. Mthere tend to be good connections between Croatia and various German cities as it is a prime vacation spot. Not so much to Switzerland, although when looking adoptions from Split, I saw flights to Geneva ( but not Zurich).

You could also just ferry back to Venice and fly from there. The ferry schedules I looked at go westward from Rovinjmto Venice in the morning, arriving around 10:30, so you would have plenty of time to catch an afternoon train or flight. The train goes via Milan, 2.75 hours for that leg and then 3 hours 40 minutes for the train to Zurich.

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You might have a look at Croatia Airlines as they have flights from Pula to Zürich, with one change in Zagreb. The price currently listed in about €262 PP.

I took a similar flight from Dubrovnik to Zürich a few weeks ago, and it worked well. I used the departure at 06:00, which arrives in Zürich at 10:05 (although it was a bit of an effort to have to use a flight at that time in the morning).

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Thanks to all who applied. After some consideration and research we decided the prudent decision would probably be as suggested to save Croatia for the next trip with more time. I guess with all travel you can get caught up in trying to see it all.