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Advice on splitting time between Korčula and Hvar

Hi forum!

I will be spending 12 days in Croatia, and plan to split 5 of them among Korčula and Hvar.

I am a solo female traveler in my 30s, and enjoy being active (hiking, snorkeling, kayaking), a nice meal, wandering around, and meeting new people when I travel.

I have two questions:

  1. Any advice on how to split up my nights? I am thinking three in one place, two in the other.
  2. Any thoughts on Hvar Town vs. Stari Grad? I understand Hvar town is more commercial/party town. I am not a party animal by any means, but wouldn't mind a night out if I was able to connect with other travelers while there. I am worried Stari Grad may be a little sleepy, and that if I do end up having a night out, it might be hard to get back at night.

The rest of my trip will include Dubrovnik, a couple of nights in Split (visiting Krka National Park), and a visit to Plitvice, before flying back home out of Split.

Thank you in advance for any advice!


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I have no advice based on experience since my trip is scheduled for September. But faced with the same choice and lots of reading, I opted for 2 nights on Hvar (in Hvar Town for ease of arrival and departure by ferry) and 3 nights on Korcula. I am nearly twice your age, though, if that matters.

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I like Hvar, but I wouldn’t stay in Hvar town, but I am 20 years older than you. Hvar town is popular with late teenagers and those of university age in the summer, but things will have quietened down a little by September.

I would never describe Stari Grad as sleepy - the gorgeous Vrboska is sleepy. Stari Grad has a good selection of cafes, bars and restaurants set around the pretty harbour.

Snorkelling is good from the beaches as there are plenty rocks. Immediately east of SG is the SG Plain, a UNESCO world heritage site which is great for walking. Hvar town is connected to SG by a bus service that takes around 30 minutes so you could have a day trip there.

You can tell where my vote would go! 5 nights in SG or 3 + 2 in Korcula (a mini Dubrovnik).

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Is the trip in September, as someone mentioned? In that month, I would choose either Stari Grad or Hvar. In July or August, Stari Grad.
As for Hvar vs. Korcula, I consider it a tossup. I'd also consider doing 4-1 if the catamaran schedule gives you enough time in Korcula, as Korcula is smaller and one full day is not dramatically more than a partial day. Korcula is small, but lovely. If you are going to be doing lots of active things, I would want plenty of time so you can do full-day excursions. There are plenty of boat trips you can join and things like that. On Hvar, we took a day boat to the Pakleni islands and hiked along the coast. On Korcula, we rented a scooter and found some secluded beaches, also rented bikes and rode to and around Lumbarda,