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Advice on 10 Day Slovenia-Croatia portion of our Trip Would be Greatly Appreciated

I've got this pretty much planned out for our May 2019 trip but would love an experienced set of eyes on this.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ljubljana - Arrive via TeamDayTrip from Prague -3 nights -
Local Sightseeing with a possible trip to Logarska Dolina or visit Zagreb for day and pick up Rental Car to avoid doing the 2 country Rental, weighing out cost difference with parking issues Ljubljana/Ronvinj....
Will be there on a Friday so plan to go to Open Kitchen
Restaurant Recommendations?

Day 4 - Drive to Lake Bohinj via Skofja Laka and a visit to Bled
Overnight in Bohinj at Sobe Cuskic in Bohinjsko Jezero have dinner at Pri Hrvatu

Day 5 - Drive to Kobarid over Vrsic Pass through Julian Alps
Overnight in Kobarid at Apartments RA-fting

Day 6 - Drive to Piran visit Skocjan Caves possibly with a stop at Lipica Stud Farm time permitting.
Drop Rental car in Portoroz or Koper
Go Opti Shuttle to Ronvinj Stay at Casa Vittoria in Old Town Ronvinj 3 nights
Have I allowed for enough time for this day? Where is the best place to drop car in order to get to Ronvinj?

Day 7 Ronvinj - Wine Tour
Day 8 Ronvinj - Enjoy Ronvinj

Day 9 - Pick up Rental Car -Drive to Plitvice- Overnight in Jezerce at House Kajfes 5 miles from Park
Any good places to stop along the way for lunch?

Day 10 Visit Plitvice Lake Park
Drive to Split - Drop car in Split

Overnight in Split Looking for Hotel or B&B here in a fun walkable area with local Restaurants. Someone mentioned Varos? Or is it better to stay within Palace Walls

Day 11 - Board our private sailboat charter for 7 nights.

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In Split we recently stayed at the Hotel Peristil which is within the city. Breakfast was included. The staff was wonderful as was the location.

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Visiting Zagreb for a day - easier said then done. Plan on wasting 2+ hours in a huge traffic jam crossing the border. I would cut Ljubljana by a day and give yourself more time elsewhere. Day 4 and 5 seem more about the driving then the destinations. You want to allot time for hiking (Tolmin or Vintgar Gorge, for certain). Waterfall hikes as well. The Julian Alps are best seen on foot, not in a car. Piran is unnecessary (I love it, but as you will be on the coast elsewhere...). The spelling is Rovinj - I say this only to assist you with your research. Crossing the border into Croatia - again allow plenty of time. A full day in Rovinj is overkill as you can see the entire town in about 1 hour. Branch out and explore more. Overall, I think you are doing way too much here and there is way too much moving around.

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We picked up a car in Ljublijana, did the Kobarid loop, returned it to Ljublijana and took the train to Rijeka where we picked up a rental car for our 10 days in Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. If you have found a shuttle to Rovinj, I am sure they will probably tell you where they will pick up.

Spit was a splurge for us and we stayed within the walls at the Hotel Vestibule Palace. It was a wonderful "worth it" splurge for us. You might enjoy the luxury stay in advance of the 7 nights on a sailboat.

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I use GoOpti many times and am very happy with their services, easily done on the day you want them. Doesn't matter where they pick you up, you decide where with car drop off and GoOpti prices.

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Ljubljana was our favorite city in Slovenia. We would recommend Julija Restaurant in old town. We ate there 3 times! Another vote for GoOpti shuttle. Economical, reliable and great customer service.

I would not miss Vintgar Gorge, Lake Bled and Pradjama Castle in Slovenia. It maybe different farm but we went to Lipinzaners Stud Farm and it was ok but it was there where we got a great recommendation from a local of where to eat. The restaurant is call Gostisce Gric and it was fabulous! And the price was not bad at all either. Have fun :)