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Adriatic tour and luggage?

Has anyone here done the 14 days best of Adriatic tour? If so, who has used carry-on rolling luggage? Is it a pain to lug around? Should I opt for a backpack type bag instead?

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The only time you have to 'lug it around' is going between the bus and hotel. You do not pack it up a mountain trail.

Not been on that trip but I doubt it is really different in that regard to the tours I have been on.

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If you havenโ€™t tried wheeled luggage before, itโ€™s worthwhile to try wheeling it around your home town. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Yes, itโ€™s a terrific tour (one of my favorites), yes I used a roller bag and no it wasnโ€™t a pain to lug around. My rolling bag is one of the original RS rollers, carryon size but Iโ€™ve been more often checking it through lately. I also had a small backpack with stuff for the plane and also to have with me on the bus during the tour. It just contained things like the tour book, water bottle, snacks, sunglasses, etc. Youโ€™ll love this tour!

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On my last RS Tour (Aug 2019), one of the tour members had a RS backpack type suitcase she had purchased for the tour and was pretty disappointed. The bag was constructed well, but her load kept shifting all the time. She regretted her choice. I think this lack of structure could be overcome with the strategic use of packing cubes, but it is an aspect of a backpack type bag you will want to consider.

I find roller bags work great.

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The Adriatic tour was outstanding. I have successfully used only a rolling carryon (not spinners) while touring (approximately 30 tours of which 19 of them were with RS ETBD). There were two types of situations when adjustments needed to be made - encountering cobblestones and crossing the stepped bridges in Venice. Even then it was only momentary.

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Excellent! Thanks everyone for the feedback. I normally use a carry-on rolling bag and am happy to learn that I can just stick with that option rather than buying new luggage. Really looking forward to the tour in August 2022!! Thanks again!