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7 day itinerary input needed!

Hi all,

I am heading to Croatia this June (very excited) and wanted to get some thoughts as I need to book my flight from Canada soon- I can fly into either Split or Dubrovnik and have been reading very mixed reviews about how much time to spend in each(if any). Also looking for suggestions for the day trip to an island from split!

My first option is:
Fly into dubrovnik on June 18 at 5:00pm
June 19 -Dubrovnik
June 20- Dubrovnik-Split
June 21- Split
June 22- Day trip to an island from Split
June 23- Split- Plitvice Lakes- Zagreb (will likely do tour that does this)
June 24- Zagreb

Second option
Fly into Split on June 18 at 2:00pm
June 19 -Split
June 20- Split
June 21- Day trip to an island from Split
June 22- Split- Plitvice Lakes- Zagreb (will likely do tour that does this)
June 23- Zagreb
June 24- Head to my next location earlier

What are people's thoughts on this, I am a solo female traveller looking for some input!!
Thanks for any help :)

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Basically, should you skip Dubrovnik instead of trying to squeeze in too much into one week? This is another "personal preference" opinion question. If your travel tastes are similar to mine, then you might agree with me; if yours are different, you may not.

The second option makes more sense if you wind up loving Split; if not, you will wish you had gone to Dubrovnik. Hard call - some people love Split, some not so much. I didn't love it. I am glad I visited, but I had a lot more time than you are giving yourself. I thought Dubrovnik was magical and unique - but during the day, overrun with tourists. Far nicer at night. It's one of those places I'll always remember as special. Split, not so much, but I would have regretted missing Split.

I tend to cover a lot of ground when I travel so option #1 seems OK with me. It would be too fast for some people for sure.

Not sure if that helps or not!