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2 weeks - what to see and best time to go. where to stay

Hello everyone, Croatia has been on my mind for a while. We are a family of four, 2 kids that are 5 and 7. Both kids love to travel and do not mind long haul flights. We want to visit Croatia, ideally in August but anytime between June and August will work. We can take upto 2 weeks. Please suggest places to stay and for how long? do we need a rent a car or can we do public transport. We love beaches. How expensive is Croatia with U.S dollars in comparison. my research is barely beggining so i would like to have your input before i start this. is croatia a safe country to visit. thanks!

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You can "do" Croatia in 2 weeks but you will need to move fast.

Avoid June-August for the best experience. Yeah, I know...but the whole world goes there in those months, and it makes a big difference (prepare to fight your way through the crowds in Dubrovnik...). If you can go in May or September you will have a much better trip.

You love beaches. Do you love beaches that have pebbles rather than sand? Hope so.

Answers to most of your questions are very easy to find in the guidebook. You have one, right?

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How many days actually on the ground would you have? The first day will be lost to jet lag and the final day will be heading to the airport.

Late August would be better, as the local schools have returned, albeit there will still be lots of Northern Europeans there.

Prices in Croatia vary significantly depending on where you are located e.g. food and drink prices in Hvar town are 50% more expensive than the charming Stari Grad 30 minutes away.

If your 2 weeks includes international travel time, then you may have 12 nights there. What are your interests other than beaches?

Fly into Split and stay 4 nights, visiting Trogir and either Krka or Plitvice National Parks as a day trip. Alternatively, you could have a night at Plitvice if you are happy for a 1 night stay.

Travel from Split to Stari Grad on Hvar and stay for 3 nights then head to Korcula for 3 nights then head to Dubrovnik for the final 2 nights and fly home from there. Alternatively, just pick one of these islands for 6 nights.

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I'd prioritize the coast and Plitvice lakes park. You can go to Split, Dubrovnik, and do one other town - Sibenik, Rovinj. There's a great sandy beach in Split, and plenty of history - Diocletian's palace. There is a big Roman town with ruins close. You could take the cat ferry to Dubrovnik from Split.

With 4, I would do some car travel. Travel in Croatia by car is easy and fun, as long as you do not drive in the cities. Split is a nightmare to drive in - at least the old town is nuts.

Of course, this is the height of the tourist season. So, keep that in mind. Some have suggested staying in Cavtat close to Dubrovnik - you take a boat to Dubrovnik, but Cavtat is nice, quiet, again with a beach.

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Go in June.
Perfectly safe, like "don't lock the doors" level safe. (not entirely literal, but nearly so!)
Car is optional depending on the itinerary, of which there are dozens. Grab a guide book and see what looks ideal for you.
It is not "cheap" but accommodation for example is very much a deal because of the prevalence of rental apartments (back way before airbnb's founders were even born). The only thing to splash out on is seafood.
Pay special attention to reading up on beaches -- do image searches, etc. Some items of note: rocks, pebbles, sea urchins--but clear beautiful seas!