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2 weeks in June In Northern Croatia

My husband and I are planning a trip to the northern part of Croatia in mid-late June. We are considering flying in/out of Venice and either taking the ferry to either Pula or Rovinj or taking the train to Trieste and then renting a car and driving? We would like to spend stay in a few places (Istria?) for several days each and then day trip. I would also like to visit areas my family came from in Locinj, Cres and maybe Krk. The Plitvice Lakes National Park looks like it is worth a day trip? Any suggestions about thing to see, how to plan this and what makes sense by way of an itinerary? Thanks!

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Consider taking the ferry from Venice to Porec. I've done it twice and it is very convenient and affordable. Porec is a lovely small town with enough to do for a couple of days and it is right on the water. Plitvice is definitely worth a day trip although I don't know the travel logistics from Porec. We rented a car in Porec, drove to Zagreb and visited the park as a day trip from Zagreb. Croatia is beautiful and the people are lovely, enjoy your trip.

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Plitvice Lakes is definitely worth the trip. It's one of the most incredible natural sites in Croatia. Just arrive early in the day to avoid the crowds and it will be a great day trip.

As far as suggestions of things to see, a good place to start is Rick's Croatia book. Once you have something in mind, we can help you narrow your focus and/or critique your itinerary. Happy planning!

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If you follow Lisa's suggestion of picking up the car in Croatia, instead of Italy, then I'd also look at flying out of Croatia, so you don't have to backtrack. You can book that as a "multi-city" flight plan, such as into Venice and out from Dubrovnik or Zagreb.

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So we are narrowing down an itinerary and would love some help, thanks!
We know we will spend @ a week in the middle with family on the islands. Does this itinerary make sense? What about the travel part? How could we add Plitvice National Park to this trip?
We might fly in/out of Milan--we found great non-stop flights.
Train from Milan to Triest - overnight and then a day in Trieste
Triest to Pula/Rovinj - 2-3 days?
Mali Locinj, Veli Locinh 1 week visiting family on the islands
Sea plane to Split - 2 days?
Ferry? back to Venice? 2-3 days?
Depart from either Venice or Milan?
Thanks for any tips or advice!

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I can't see from your profile where you're from?
But UK budget airline Ryanair has regular flights from London Stansted to Pula.
From there you'd be well placed to see as much of |stria as you want and not overly far from the islands you mention. Just a thought?

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Thank you, we are in New York and have purchased flights in and out of Milan. We will immediately take a train to Venice for 3 nights and then on to Istria, Plitvice Lakes and then Losinj. Now we need to figure out how to get back from Losinj to Milan.