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13 - 18 in Croatia

Dear all

i will be visiting croatia fro 6 days. I will arrive in split and depart from zagreb and i have the following questions:

1) is my itinerary sounds too packed?
13 - split
14 - hvar island
15- dubrovnik
16 - Zadar
17 - splitvice
18 - Zagreb

Does my travel plan sounds good? or should i skip any of it to stay longer at any of it?

2) Can i know what is the best way for me to head to ljubljana from zagreb? Can i buy the at the ticket station or buy online?


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Is this a windup or a genuine post? It is the most ridiculous itinery that I have seen! Are you arriving from the States with jet lag? What time of year are you travelling?

The catamaran from Hvar to Dubrovnik leaves early morning and arrives at lunchtime but only runs in the summer. You will then have a half day here.

Dubrovnik to Zadar. How are you proposing to get between the two? There are no trains so it is car hire, bus or fly. There are no direct flights so that isn't an option. The bus takes c 8 hours so it will take you all day then you are heading out the following morning?

You need to do some online research or read guide books and look at a map to prioritise what you want to see, as without knowing your interests or budget, we cannot be expected to plan your holiday for you! I would suggest that if you are flying into Split, that you stay on the mainland and work your way north from there as that is realistically all you will have time to cover. Come back with more focussed questions once you have covered the basic research.

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Hey Jennifer

I got this from my friend and thought that it might be too rush and thank you for your clarification. I will be removing Zadar from the plan and i have decided to stay in dubrovnik for 1 more day instead. Does this sound better?


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13th to 18th of what? June (9 days from now) or January?

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Have you now dropped your previous plans to go to London, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Slovenia, Netherlands, Poland, etc, etc.?

Oh, and of course, Bosnia and Germany were on your list, too.

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it will be for the month of June. I will be heading to croatia first, and then to prague, budapest, turkey, greece, bosnia, italy and then to france till late august. Just visiting a few places in each country :)


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If you're intending to be in Bosnia anyway later in your trip, why don't you go to Mostar/Sarajevo after Dubrovnik rather than double-back on yourself later on?

And yes, your Croatia itinerary is too packed. You haven't allowed time to travel between the places on your list unless you intend to sleep on overnight busses.

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Hey Mike!

Thanks for the advise. I guess I will be making some adjustments to my trip. Thanks for your help