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Just a short report on my visit last week. I flew on American Airlines from Chicago to Athens. Used the VeriFly app to "file" all the paperwork. When boarding all that was done was a picture taken.

Once we landed we were asked to show our CDC card and PLF hard copy. Their QR reader wasn't working. So be sure to have paper copies. Then on to passport control and out the door.

For the most part people didn't wear masks outside but everyone did in. Stores and shops didn't ask to see the CDC card but museums did. Some places limited the number of people inside. Took the bus over to Patras with everyone wearing a mask. Got my Covid test in Patras for Italy. Went when they first opened, took about 15 minutes and had the results in an hour. They emailed it plus I stopped and got a paper copy. Cost was 10 euro. When picking up my ferry ticket no one asked to see anything. When boarding all that was asked for was ID and ticket. Arriving in Ancona, Italy we just walked off the ship, again no one asked for any papework.

Watch for my Italy report in a few days.

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Thanks for the info. My husband and I, both vaccinated and CDC card carrying travelers, are going to Greece from Italy in November. We may fit in a trip to Malta either before or after Greece. We return to the U.S. in mid-December and will watch the return trip requirements. I look forward to seeing your trip updates.