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Van or RV travel in Bulgaria

Hi! We have rented a small RV and hope to travel extensively in Bulgaria and Romania. We are having a hard time figuring out if campgrounds exist and need reservations. Also is it ok to free camp since we wouldn’t need electricity or water. Thanks for any help! Sue Hatz

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I don't know, but this sounds like the kind of information you could find in a Lonely Planet guidebook.

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Susan, I spend a lot of time in Bulgaria. While I have seen RVs in Bulgaria, I would say they are extremely rare, and despite having spent years on the ground there I have never run into an RV park or camping ground anywhere with RVs. Typically most people use RVs to save money ... it is almost impossible to spend more than $50 a day on hotels in Bulgaria and maybe $40 a day on food for 2 unless you are intentionally trying to go out of your way to be profligate, and easy to spend far less. There are hotels, B&Bs etc everywhere. There is no town you would want to go to that wouldn't have good accommodation.

So I guess I am trying to figure out why you would want to go through the expense of renting a vehicle that is likely very expensive to rent, difficult to maneuver in some of the older areas, and that you will have to be extremely paranoid about where you park or you will be broken into. Things are getting better, but Bulgaria still has "secure parking" lots all over the country that are fenced and guarded and where people with nicer cars park, so they don't get stolen or broken into. Your RV will scream two thing: "Foreigner" and "All my expensive belongings are in here." Even the car I use - a crappy old Mercedes, was broken into a couple years ago and they stole a gps watch and phone charger.