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Transportation from Belgrade to Sofia

A friend and I are spending a few days in Belgrade before joining the September 24 Best of Bulgaria tour. We are looking at options from getting from Belgrade to Sofia. The train, our favorite mode of transportation, doesn't seem to be a good option for this trip, according to Rome2Rio. Flying is probably our best bet, but we are also thinking of hiring a private driver as the priciest but also most convenient and interesting mode of transport. Wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience hiring a private driver in Serbia or Sofia -- or any other advice or suggestions. Thanks!

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I used this company for a simple airport transfer in Sofia but they offer way more than that on their website. Customer service was good and efficient, the driver that met us at the airport spoke great English and was a safe and friendly driver, and I felt their fee was reasonable.

They have lots of good online reviews.

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I might opt for what Valerie suggested. If I am not mistaken, this is the company CWSocial used for a couple of day trips out of Sofia (that I went with her on) and they were very comfortable and well-run.

But just in case it matters, the bus looks like 6 1/2 hours (versus 4 hours to drive). I have not taken this route, but I took a bus 5 1/2 hours Thessaloniki to Sofia (in order to take those tours) and it was extremely comfortable. And of course, much cheaper.

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Thanks for your suggestion, Valerie!

Agree that bus travel can be great and we'd be happy to take a bus but there don't seem to be many good options between Belgrade and Sofia - I've only been able to find a few buses so far -- one leaves way too early (4:30 am), the other arrives too late.