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Train from Belgrade to Bar

I am planning on taking the train from Belgrade to Bar on Saturday, October 13. Can I just make my reservations the previous day, or should they be made earlier? Are there any other “pointers” on getting prepared for the journey?


John Kraushaar

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I have no doubt that you can book on short notice (though I've never been there). Daytime (reservations not required) or overnight? You can choose from one of each :-) on the leg to Podgorica and I think must connect there. Maximum $25 daytime in 2nd class and probably less if you book the whole route together; see a new ticket cost map and also

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Thanks so much for the reply and information.


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John I would add to Laura's great advice to check out the web site

This is arguably the BEST site on everything train in Europe amd beyond.

He has a great section on the Bar to Belgrade train with pics and lots of good factual information.

I will be taking that train myself in a few weeks
Good luck and have fun.

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Thank you for the response. We are going from Belgrade to Bar on 10/13 and wanted to leave early.

I have been unable to find where to buy the tickets on line, and I am curious as to the cost:

Thanks again for the info and help.