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Sunny Beach in May

Hi Folks

Visiting Sunny Beach in May from the UK, can anyone please tell me what the current restriction are for entry ? Crystal ball time whats the weather likely tio be like.

Booked in at the Laguna Resort is it ok ?

Lastly what is the food, beer and nightlife like in Sunny Beack



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Hi! Welcome to the forum!
Maybe someone will have some tips for you, but you should be aware that this is mostly a forum of US- and Canada-based travellers, who are unlikely to be Sunny Beach veterans. You might have better luck on the Tripadvisor forums!

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Hi Pat!
As Balso said, you're unlikely to get a lot of feedback on Sunny Beach on this forum - the RS community is not really into party destinations - but you might try Nomadic Matt? In his pre-pandemic blog piece, he doesn't have positive words for the place (and he is far from alone in that regard) but you could feel out the folks in his community. Yep, TripAdvsor is another forum resource for this particular location if looking for input from like-minded UK travelers.

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Those were unnecessary responses. Sorry for that. But TripAdvisor, does have more members; open minded and well traveled.

For the Bulgaria entry requirements you really have to check out their official web site. Any advice here from any poster is going to be questionable (as you may have already noted) and its just too important to get wrong.

Sunny Beach? It's been several years and with the Russian economy in the tank the last few years maybe things have changed, but my last visit it was largely a Russian tourist destination. Not that that was bad.

Can't help you on the hotel as I stayed in Nesebar and just crossed over to lay on the beach (very good). But do be sure to take a tour (or just walk around) Nesebar while you are there.

May? Its going to be a bit cool 55F to 70F. Beautiful part of the world. Enjoy, not a bad way to spend a few days in May.

Oh, never had a bad meal, but never had one that impressed me either. Beer is cheap. Nesebar is cheaper than Sunny Beach. I have plans to be in Odesa in June, Sunny Beach might make a good Plan B, thanks for making me think of it.

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Sorry, but I haven’t been anyplace that’s popular with Russians that has been a positive experience.

For the Covid restrictions, keep checking the website for the latest info.

There are lots of weather websites that will show average weather for May, such as Accuweather or Holiday Weather. The temperature varies quite a bit between the start and end of the month and you are likely to get some rain, but it’s generally warmer than the U.K. but cool in the evenings.

As your Poland query, surely you looked at Trip Advisor or reviews before you booked?

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If you're looking for a proper beach (sand dunes, rockpools, lack of amenities) then I'd recommend many beaches in Northumberland. Bamburgh, seahouses, craster, amble, alnmouth, beadnell to name a few. But if you want the toilet you'll have to walk a fair amount to go, and you'll need to take you're own food or again walk to find local shops/restaurants.

If you want amenities, amusements and the likes then head for your popular places like Blackpool and Scarborough.

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Wow! Not a good way to welcome a new member. Here:

As of April 1, 2022, the color zones, according to which the procedure for entering Bulgarian has been determined, are abolished. All travelers arriving to Bulgaria, regardless of the country of departure or their citizenship, can enter without quarantine if they present an EU Digital COVID Certificate showing that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has received a negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antigen COVID test result conducted up to 72 hours before entering the country, or has recovered from COVID-19. Similar documents that contain the same data as the EU digital certificate, such as a U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Vaccination Record Card, are also accepted.

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I see nothing wrong with warning Pat that this forum is probably not a good place to find people who have been to Sunny Beach. I'm one of relatively few (I think) who've been to Bulgaria, much less the coast of Bulgaria, and I skipped it despite being as close as Sozopol and Nesebar. It's useful to suggest better sources of information.