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Sofia Free City Bicycle Tours

For cyclists, a 3-4 hour bicycle tour is a good way to obtain overview of a first time visit to Sofia prior to a Rick Steves formal tour. In Sofia FREE bicycle tours are offered near the city center and guides work for tips. A small bike rental fee is charged. Information about these free tours can be found on the Internet. Do not pay exorbitant prices for bicycle tours promulgated by some vendors in the city who might also offer hotel pickup and charge as much as $75 per person. Our experience has been that terms of the original agreement including a voucher made via the Internet, regarding pickup time at a hotel and starting time of the tour, were unexpectedly changed at the last minute. The free tours are more predictable because one needs only to show up at the stated time and place to meet the bicycle guide and then walk with the group to a nearby bike shop to pick up bikes. The free tours are leisurely, winding through parks and along both back and front streets of the city. Watch out for cats! During the bicycle tour, cyclists are briefly guided off-road to challenging trails with steep hills, small hazards, and a few jumps for those interested in attempting them. No down payment required for this free tour. If weather is inclement, simply don't show up.

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