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Short trip to Bulgaria

Hello everybody, I'm leaving for a 3-day weekend in Sofia and I'll try visiting some stuff outside the city (I rented a car). Even if the stay is short, I'd still want to try to cross the border to Macedonia (since I should have visited Skopje in May with a friend but I broke an arm so I couldn't go). Since I'll probably return to Bulgaria with my GF to see Plovdiv and Varna, it's OK to do an all-day excursion outside the country. My questions are:

Apart from Skopje, is there any notable place I should see around there?

I also thought about a Sofia / Skopje / Niš triangle, but... is it possible to cross to/from Serbia? What's the political situation with EU and stuff? Is the Ukrainian war making it less safe in any way for tourists?

Thanks everybody

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I am sure Serbia is and will be safe until the next Balkan war begins and I suspect that is many months off. The situation with Kosovo has deregulated a bit though.

With your short stay I would set up in Sofia and do day trips. Quite a lot to see within an hour or two of Sofia.

I'm not a great fan of renting cars in general, but in particular when efficiency is concerned; I would hire a guide with a car. Bulgaria is so cheap it doesn't break the bank for most people.

3 half day excursions might only cost a few hundred more than the rental and parking and you won't waste a bunch of time renting and returning the car, and being lost.

But what ever works for you.

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