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Overstaying In Bulgaria

Hi All,
I am Pakistani citizen Visiting Bulgaria next week. I have been granted visa only for 5 days. My question is can I overstay more than 5 days, if yes then what are the consequences or fines for that?

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I have no idea but I don't think the outcome will be good for you if you do overstay.

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You must ask the Bulgarian embassy to Pakistan, but it won’t be good.

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I don't understand why you think it's acceptable to intentionally break the laws of Bulgaria by overstaying your visa.

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I respect the laws of Bulgaria...

Except when it's more convenient for you to break them. Very convincing argument there.

Why don't you try that justification with the Bulgarian immigration officials and see how that goes?

Forum guidelines do not allow asking for advice on breaking laws.

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Ok here is an argument that you might understand: Overstaying will result in a fine so large that it will negate any advantage you get from your cheap flight.

If you really want longer it is sometimes possible to apply for an extension. I suggest you do that once there at the appropriate govt office. Bulgarians are friendly and accommodating they may give you the extension.

But do not overstay the visa.

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If you can change your arrival date, that may be a solution.