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Official Bulgarian site for entry requirements, (concerning covid vaccines, etc. for USA citizens)

.We are scheduled for “Best of Bulgaria” tour in August. I was reading about entry requirements to Bulgaria. Full covid vaccination is required. No problem. We are fully vaccinated and boosted. Three jabs. I did read the fine print on the entry requirements for Bulgaria. According to what I read, the last jab has to be within 270 days of entry. We both received our boosters in October 2021. So our August 2022 trip will be past this 270 day requirement. What now? (We are also planning our own extension for a week in Austria, which has the same stipulation). Fourth jabs are not be offered for us at this time. Other countries we are planning on visiting on the RS Bulgarian tour, on our own, are Germany, Austria, Slovakia and maybe Hungary. Each country website has so much information to wade through. I’ve been down the rabbit hole for each of these countries. Some are crystal clear, others aren't. Anyway, concerning Bulgaria. Does anyone have a clear cut website that has clear cut information for Bulgaria? What are you planning to do about the 270 restriction? Thanks.

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