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Is the tap water ok to drink in Bulgaria?

We are thinking of going to Bulgaria and want to know about safety of tap water and any food issues that might come up. Had a problem in Turkey several years ago even though we only drank bottled water and don't want to run into that again!

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That's a hard call on the food - worried about tap water or you don't trust a locally branded bottled water then buy an international brand like Perrier or Evian, it's cheap.

Heck, a couple of months ago I picked up a small tray of Sushi for lunch at my grocery store (even saw the guy make it "fresh"), and I caught something that had me in a bad way for 3 days.

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I've been to Bulgaria twice and haven't had any issues with food - it's been great. However our guide did suggest using bottled water to avoid any possible issues - he said the water is OK to drink, but if you're not used to it there could be intestinal issues. So just to be on the safe side, I used bottled water during my visits and never had a problem. Not an issue for brushing your teeth, etc, but more when you are going to drink it to stay hydrated and the restaurants bring bottled water to the table when you order water. Better safe than sorry. And enjoy your visit to Bulgaria - it's a beautiful country, so much history, good food, and friendly people.

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My wife and I were in Bulgaria several weeks ago, no issues. We did carry a water bottle with us, but brushed our teeth etc with tap water.

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When I took the RS tour to Bulgaria (2011) I freely enjoyed the food, the tap water and bottled water. I have a very sensitive stomach but had no issues. On the other hand I when I toured Turkey I was very careful to avoid drinking or brushing with the water.