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How many Lev to withdraw

We leave on Thursday for the RS Bulgaria tour which begins May 21-st. I would appreciate any suggestions wrt how many Lev to withdraw from the ATM machine at the airport to cover expenses on the tour. My goal is not to return home with many / any Lev in my money belt

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On our RS Eastern Europe tour, our guide made suggestions as to how much cash we may need per day. She also directed us to the best banks/ATM's to use. It was very helpful as we didn't return home with extra cash. But you could withdraw a little cash, then discuss with your guide.

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I spent some time in Bulgaria in2015 but am not familiar with how many meals are covered by your tour or how much free time you will have to spend money on your own. I'm a bit concerned that you may intend to make a single ATM withdrawal to cover the entire trip, and there's really no need to do that. You'll find the cities well-suupplied with ATMs, and as the unlucky victim of a pair of rather talented pickpockets in Veliko Tarnovo, I don't like to think that you might be wandering around with a wad of leva in your pocket.

Meals in the typical sort of restaurant will probably run $10-$25 plus alcohol per person. Entry fees for sights are quite a bit lower than in western Europe. The big variable is shopping. I found the crafts in Bulgaria very tempting because they were so inexpensive--ceramics, jewelry, and so on. One could easily spend hundreds of dollars on such goodies. I was able to use my credit card much of the time, but someone like a street vendor may want cash.

As a solo traveler I would never take more than the equivalent of 100 euros out of an ATM at one time unless I knew I was facing a sizable cash payment. My financial institutions do not charge me for ATM withdrawals, so I do not pay extra for making more but smaller withdrawals.

You're smart to plan to end the trip with no excess leva, because I believe you'd have difficulty converting that currency outside Bulgaria.

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I wouldn't try to guesstimate how much you need for a trip of that length without being on the ground first...and gathering info as you go along based on your spending habits. There should be multiple opportunities to visit ATMs, so there's really no need to guess a single amount for the entire tour.