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Experience flying Bulgaria Air?

I'm traveling to Bulgaria in June to take part in a music festival. I need to make sure my performance attire gets there when I do! I'm flying Bulgaria Air from Zurich to Sofia and changing planes for a flight on to Varna. My ticket on Bulgaria Air affords me one piece of checked luggage but I'm wondering if I should stick to luggage I can carry on for this trip. Thoughts?

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Without knowing your schedule or connection time (and even if we did know), no one here can guarantee the arrival of your luggage. Airlines don't provide guarantees either. So if you want to be 100% certain your luggage will be there at the same time, then do the carry-on as a precaution. If you're looking for opinions of Bulgaria Air, then check out Skytrax ratings (and take with a pinch of salt). I doubt you'll get enough data points from folks here, since it's a somewhat obscure airline.

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If you can't afford to lose it or can't easily replace it, then carry it on. You can always plan to carry on your performance attire and check the rest.

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I cant answer your question, but i have flown Bulgarian air and it was an okay experience. Would do it again if needed. The seats on my flight were oddly narrow, while the aisle seemed wider than average. Odd sort of thing.