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Driving in April in northern Romania?

A friend and I are hoping to travel by rental car to Marmures and Bucovina in northern Romania this April. Does anyone know about weather conditions that time of year? Is there a likelihood of snow/ice or other road issues there that would impede driving?

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I was in Romania in early April of 2018. The weather in Bucharest was very nice with daytime high temps in the mid teens (C) or mid 60's (F). However, three days prior to my arrival, there was snow - and quite a bit of it. What have we learned - weather is just as unpredictable in Eastern Europe as it is everywhere else. Needless to say, the mountainous regions of any country are more likely to be a travel problem - and Romanian roads aren't the best to begin with.
It is a delightful travel destination, weather not withstanding.

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Thanks for your input. You're right that you never know that time of year, but it's good to hear we might be ok.

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You should look at historical data going back a few years. Select some key cities from those two regions and use this website:
Are you planning on driving on rural roads? That makes a difference if weather is poor.