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Bulgaria Trip

I'm going to Travel Bulgaria for the first week of June do you have any recommendations travel wise? I love hiking, visiting different towns and cities, I really like abandoned places / ghost towns if there are any and would love to try some national foods. Would appreciate any recommendation.

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I've been to Bulgaria a few times. Once drove from Sofia to Istanbul (fishing at every river and stream along the way). The list of interesting places is pretty extensive, so get a few good guide books. Two that dont ofter get covered are:

and Devil's Throat is a thrill just to get to. Ever see the TV show Deadliest Roads? This one should have been on it.

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Spend time in Veliko Tarnovo, the ancient capital city. Hike up and around the ruins of the Tsaravets fortress.

For a more remote place, go to Shipka Pass.

National Foods: Shopska Salata - the most amazing salad, and we were in Bulgaria in June, when it was outstanding.

Also have Bulgarian yogurt, and katak, an even thicker dairy product.

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I liked both Veliko Trnovo and Plovdiv a lot. One thing to know is that public transportation in Bulgaria is generally very slow. The trains do not move at the speed of those to the west, and you may need to use buses in some cases. It's a very interesting country, though, and it's quite inexpensive.