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Bulgaria Obzor, Golden Sands or else

We are planning trip to Europe starting in Bulgaria in mid June.
I'm looking for help selecting town to stay.
Our likes: beach, town restaurants, kids stuff
Pool at the resort/hotel would be nice but not required.

I saw Obzor and Golden Sands.
Has anyone been there? Any other recommendations?
Thank you

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I don't do beaches, but Nesebar (touristy though it is) is definitely an interesting stop. The little churches are stunning. Sozopol is also worthwhile. I visited the area in 2015.

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I wish you would explain some more about your motivations etc for this trip. You say you are "planning a trip to Europe starting in Bulgaria." I am assuming from your use of the word "Europe" that you are Americans or Canadians and you plan to travel to Bulgaria then travel other places? I guess I am asking because the seaside of Bulgaria these days is mostly wall to wall, all-inclusive package tourists for low-income travelers from the UK, Netherlands, Russia and Germany. It is very unusual for Americans to travel specifically to vacation there, and you could be disappointed if you didn't know what to expect. I guess it would be like a German wanting a beach vacation to inquire about traveling to Panama City Florida or something. A German looking for some nice beach resort would not go there, same thing as the seaside in Bulgaria, there are much better seaside places in Europe.

That said if your heart is set on Bulgaria, the TA forum for Sunny Beach would be the place to ask this question. There are a bunch of British people there that know all the different resorts inside and out and would be able to better advise you specifically on places to go.

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Yes, we are flying in from the USA.

And As a 4 year old I was in Nessebar and I have the best memories (as much as 4 year old remembers)

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I have good memories of Nessebar as well. The problem is that was the epicenter of a lot of the uncontrolled / illegal building after communism ended. Things got so bad they almost removed Nessebar from the UNESCO list around 2010. I think it is still worth going to, I think Sozopol still kind of has that seaside town vibe as well. But definitely I would post your query on the TA forum - explain exactly what you are looking for (family activities, nice place) and what you want to avoid (e.g. the magaluf / ibiza crowd of drunk 20-something eurotrash).