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7 to 10 days in Bulgaria? Romania? Or Ukraine! November 2018

I may only be able to meet friends in one city and go 7-10 days to another. Looking for ideas btwn these three:
Kiev Ukraine ( safety ???)
Sofia and Plovdiv Bulgaria
Transylvania Romania.

1- which would you cross off as least desirable?

2- if you could select one for 7 days, which would you choose and why?

PS-mid November 2018 timeframe

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Never been to Romania, and only been to Bulgaria in July/August, so take it with a dose of healthy skepticism - I'd definitely go with Kiev, which is, admittedly, one of my favorite cities. IMO, not any worse safety-wise than Sofia, but a lot more to see (again, IMO). Seven days is just about the right timeframe to see most of the "must-sees", while still enjoying one of the liveliest music and clubbing scenes out there.

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A second vote for Kiev. I'm doubtful about November weather in that part of the world, the days will be quite short and there's lots to do indoors in Kiev. I felt safe there, and the subway is helpful for covering long distances.

I like your other options, but Plovdiv was getting cool and wet in late September 2015.

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Ok I think kiev is going to be my stretch country! Pretty sure I’ll go to Budapest again and maybe Paris on the way!!!!!

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I’ve been to all three. I loved all three!! I would go to Kiev in November. I loved the city and especially the subway!!!! Also, if you have time, hook up with a day tour to Chernobyl (you’ll never forget it!) Sofia is a nice city but a little smaller. Transylvania was fantastic in May but I don’t know how the weather would be in November. Definitely do Bucharest and Brasov in Spring!!! PS Ukraine seems to be hurting for tourism due to the bad rap but it is perfectly safe and people are very welcoming.

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Thank you Greg 9542!
Yes I think a week in Kyiv gives me time for a few side trips!