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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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ATM eats card (what do you do?)
joe 24
Capital One ATM cards
Dutch 25
latest advice on best credit cards for Europe??
Ruth 20
Tipping at hotels
Barbara 23
Capital One chip card- No need to preauthorize for trip?
Nancy 24
Travel insurance--how much is too much?
SandraL 24
crossbody anti-theft bag/purse or money belt?
swetrich 24
Where to exchange Dollars for Euros?
Robert 24
Need £ and € cash before trip?
Jovie 24
What's stopping you from traveling more?
donotmisslist2 23
Shopping in Europe! Come in Ladies...
rbovine1 23
"Save money by NOT using third parties (like Expedia?)"
Tom 23
tammy.vaught 22
Common question...different spin
effsolns 23
Mailing it home economically as you go
zagfam 23
Passport renewal at the Post Office?
Lola 23
Travel Insurance
hikemike 22
Financing my next trip with ebay
Nicole P 22
Where to go for our first time to Eurpoe
jeanine_frias 22
Least expensive place to fly into and start European backpacking trip?
damiant07 19
Credit Cards
george 19
Urgent: how many cards to take?
cathyvonderhaar 22
Extra change?
erectoch3 22
Best cost for flight to Germany
nleshelman 21
Avoid - not passing on hotel cancellation fee waiver due to Coronavirus
AussieNomad 22
Purchasing a Phone in Europe
Barbara 18
Why don't more people try home exchange?
Kerry 21
Travel insurance for older travelers
Laura 21
British Rail Pass savings
tootiekester 21
Cheapskate Debit Card Hunt
michelle 21
Visa card
Kathi 17
thinner socks
cindy 19
Credit card expiration date
Doc 20
Help! US debit card in UK problems
dremr58 20
Refundable fares or travel insurance?
jeffspc88mx 21
Flying from Portland Oregon to Germany
msuzanne_lawr... 21
Trip Insurance Warning
yosemite1 21
Euros from Heathrow ATM?
Joel 20
Rick's funny museum comment
phred 20
AAA offered pre-paid Visa to replace the old fashioned Traveler's Checks
Debbie 20
Foreign Conversion Rates
cathyvonderhaar 20
Airbnb vs. HomeAway/VRBO
runningklein 19
Change: All ways charge in local currency (Avoid DCC.) Credit Card Conversion Fees in...
sl.wolf 20
Rental apartments & cooking
Marie 19
Saving money is a short walk/ride away from.......
Marbleskies 14
Questions on Flights to the UK-first time international travelers
atooz15 19
European trip - food costs
leah.gregory 19
Cheapest Route in Europe
ted.k9183 17
European Travelers Checks
Richard 18
Banks and Fees
jmlyon5 18