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Money-Saving Strategies

Share your best budget tips

When traveling on a budget, there are many ways to make Europe affordable. From eating and sleeping cheap, to getting value from a great guidebook, to avoiding high-cost flights, share your best tips to save money.

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Capitol One Venture Card...or NOT. Seeking Other Recommendations
jlkelman 39
Car rental (almost) last minute?
ilona 9
Cash is King! Some thoughts.
wbfey1 54
Cash or Debit Card
ladylanee111 25
Cell phone service
Joanne C 15
Change: All ways charge in local currency (Avoid DCC.) Credit Card Conversion Fees in...
sl.wolf 20
Changing currency at airport???
js.coiron 13
Charles Schwab Debit card
Libby 27
Chase Card Points for Travel Worth It?
gogregorygo 17
Chase Freedom users...
Mike in VT 2
Chase Sapphire
jules m 17
Chase Sapphire and other travel rewards cards...
Mike in VT 6
Chase Ultimate Rewards for Upgrades???
Mike in VT 1
Cheapest Route in Europe
ted.k9183 17
Cheapest time to purchase airfare to London from New York, back from Paris
frederickkillion 11
Cheap flights within Europe
sasigler 11
Cheapskate Debit Card Hunt
michelle 21
Check Your Credit Card Benefits - Trip Interruption/Cancellation
Bruce 7
Chip and Pin Customer Service
mel4seven 7
Chip and PIN on the way in 2015, sort of
phred 38
Chip and PIN (w/ PIN priority)
Mike in VT 27
Chip and Signature/PIN lawsuit
Robert 10
Chip & pin card for Belgium & Netherlands
Jo 2
Churn, churn, churn
staynsavor 11
Citi/Costco Credit Card
Bruce 8
Clothing Sales
Zoe 4
Coins for Public Restrooms in Europe (Budapest, Austria, Germany)
dpalmier53 14
Combining RS Travel Insurance with Other Travel Insurance?
RockiesRoad 8
Common question...different spin
effsolns 23
Conflicting advice about cheapest way to get local currency (Europe)
tph2010 30
Contactless Card Payment Limits
Chris F 7
Contactless credit card vs. Chip-and-signature (with a PIN)
keri 16
Costco Visa now has no foreign transaction fee
Lynn 14
Credit card coverage for travel insurance?
Lola 9
Credit card expiration date
Doc 20
Credit Card feedback please
horsewoofie 7
Credit Card Limits On Disputing Charges
Lynn 12
Credit card PIN
cgdisney 4
Credit Cards
george 19
Credit cards - in Euros or dollars
gmhughes 8
Credit Cards in Ireland
mkb1261 8
Credit cards that give airport lounge access
Tom_MN 16
credit cards with no foreign transaction fees
stacey 27
Credit & Debit Card Fees
tylrrutledge 32
Credit & Debit Card Scams - Have You Experienced These
Kerry 17
Critique My Budget/Itinerary!
bguay 8
crossbody anti-theft bag/purse or money belt?
swetrich 24
Cruise to different countries
cindy 7
Currency Conversion Fees
skumar 5
Currency conversion fees on debit cards
suziexhayes 13