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Trip interruption/cancellation insurance through a credit card

I have a United Mileage Plus credit card through Chase Bank. It has trip interruption and trip cancellation insurance as benefits. I'm wondering if trying to use these benefits would prove to be a big hassle, in which case I might opt for buying insurance directly through a travel insurance company. Thanks!

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In all of my trips, I have never bought trip cancellation/interruption insurance. If it were me, I would make sure I knew what it would take to make a claim against your credit card insurance (just in case) and leave it at that. It can't be any bigger hassle than putting in a claim with third party insurance. Either one might make you pay the cost and then be reimbursed later.

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I have a United card and was not aware of that insurance came with the card. Read the fine print carefully. I would GUESS that the card have to be used for the purchase of the goods or services that is cancelled. I never thought that trip cancellation or interruption was worth the premium cost that I have seen through third party insurance. Medical yes but cancellation no. Many cancellation insurance policies will only reimburse you for direct lost or actually damages.

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We always buy cancellation/interruption insurance for trips that we put out a lot of money up front. And unfortunately had to use it last time because the doctor would not let me travel. And with elderly parents, it only makes sense to us. Our friends who traveled to Italy with us one year did not buy it and it set them back several thousand dollars when they had to fly home half-way through because of his mother's heart attack. We may never need it again, but it gives me peace of mind. I would definitely check out the details of your credit card's program.