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Train travel/Discount cards

We are seniors and will be travelling throughout Europe for months, possibly 8-9. We are aware of Schengen. I have looked at train travel passes and I am still confused. Has anyone ever used the senior loyalty card from SNCF? If so, is it good throughout Europe or only France? I've tried reaching out to SNCF and waiting to see them at a station but no luck.
Bottom line is - does anyone have good advice for saving on train travel?

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France's old senior card only offered discounts to immediately neighboring countries on the continent, and that looks like the case with the latest version: Each country has it's own series of discounts, with the best usually based on advance-purchase. See also

If you have a period of intensive travel, the Eurail Global Pass options for 2 or 3 months consecutive are much cheaper than they used to be. But that is the maximum duration of a pass.

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If you can plan head, you will get the best deals on the fast intercity trains by booking 2-3 months ahead on the individual national rail sites, as Laura suggests. And for the UK, you can get a Two Together Rail Card that gives you an additional 30% off, even from the low Advance fares.

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To elaborate on Lola's answer - 34 percent off with a Two Together Railcard.

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You might want to visit, the best site for train and ferry travel across Europe and beyond.