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Tipping parasail pilots

Any suggestions on what to tip our tandem parasail pilot in Chamonix? Cost for the ride is 110 E each. My guy and I are both sailing at the same time, 2 pilots. I realize these pilots have our lives in their hands ... so any suggestions? I tend to tip by American standards - 15%-20% but I realize Europeans don't always tip as generously.

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No tipping needed. If you WANT to tip them tip BEFORE and you might, might get a better ride.

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just curious, if you know its not the custom there, why would you insist on doing it? Buy them a drink after.

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I said I didn't KNOW if it was customary to tip parasail pilots, that's why I was asking. And personally, I'd rather have the reputation for tipping too much than be the Ugly American that didn't tip when it was expected and deserved. Thanks for the idea of tipping prior to sailing and an additional beer isn't a bad idea either though they may have had their fill of tourists by the end of the day.

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not customary to tip anyone, you pay a fee for the trip and that's it.
And it is not generousity, people in Europe get paid to do a job and that pay is not reliant onhow much customer tip.

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mslisarouse, the Ugly American is the person who tips when it is not needed, or over-tips. A tip is very rarely required.