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Save money on luggage

I used this website to rent an additional suitcase for my 8 day trip from New York to London

Their prices are fair. Although they do charge the deposit upfront. The bag was delivered the date we requested and it seemed to be brand new. Perhaps I was lucky? When I was back, I FedEx'd the bag in using the included postage and I received my deposit 5 days later.

Overall a recommended service if you need additional luggage for a single trip and don't want to purchase to own.

Happy travelling!

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Renting luggage is a new one on me.
If I needed additional room more than a 21" rolling bag, I'd be using a backpack or inexpensive small duffel bags that I could purchase and use over and over.
Since we mostly follow Rick Steves' packing list, we only use the one rolling bag and a small carryon bag or small day backpack. No reason to carry more than that.

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Note: The only two true carryons they list (and one says the "body dimension" is 21". The wheels might put it over the 21-5/8" limit for European airlines) rent for $170 to 205$ for a three week trip. The bag I used on my last (3 week) trip cost me less than half that to buy, and I still have it.

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Can't you just buy and keep decent luggage - and use it the next time - for less?

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To answer the relevant questions above.

The bag cost me $45 + $14 postage.

The deposit is refundable.

I didnt buy a bag as i didnt want to invest $200 in an extra bag i wasnt going to use again.

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I'm trying to think of an instance where this would be beneficial and can't think of a single one. People in travel communities such as this one use their bags more than the claimed average of once a year - often a lot more - so it wouldn't take long at all to exceed the cost of just buying one. And how do you know that you'd never need that bag again? Who would spend $200 on a bag they know they're only going to use once in the first place? If that was the case, you could pick one up at Goodwill or similar thrift shop for less than renting.

A concern for me would be where that bag had been and what had been in it prior to renting it.

Also interesting is that there doesn't appear to be a single consumer review out there on this company.

Maybe I'm missing something.

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Thanks for sharing the info in case it would be helpful to someone. Maybe someone who just wants to take one trip? I know I hate storing all my luggage! Even though renting wouldn't be helpful to me personally, it is an interesting idea.

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You could get a really good suitcase at TJMaxx, use it once and throw it away. It would still be cheaper.

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Regarding the question of what was in it previously....

How do you know it has been sufficiently cleaned. I mean in case the previous user - I chose that word - may have had vegetation or powders packed in the bag and you are the person attracting the sniffer dogs? Oh sorry, officer, I just rented the bag, I didn't know THAT was in it.....

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I guess that concept doesn't make much sense to me. There are bags out there that you can get for around that same price brand new. Even if the quality isn't that great I think of it as being disposable and I think you're still better off long-term.

It sure sounds like a scam or well I guess I don't know what else it could be. It just doesn't seem to make much sense I'm very surprised somebody would invest money into even trying something like this as a business opportunity. It sure doesn't seem to be that great of a concept.

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I'd never consider renting luggage for the same reason mentioned by Kathy:

A concern for me would be where that bag had been and what had been in it prior to renting it.

I also only travel with a carry-on size suitcase, & have packed a small duffle bag, just in case.

However, if I had to, I'd much rather mail a package home, instead of lugging an extra suitcase!

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Renting luggage doesn't sound that different from renting camping equipment for a first-time (and possibly only-time) adventure -- the good stuff is expensive to buy, and sometimes it's a good idea to test out something even if it means you have to pay for the tryout period. Yes, many of us on this forum use luggage pieces over and over, often more than once a year, but how many of us also have bags in the closet which didn't quite work out ?

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What about the student who is spending their study year abroad?...or coming home afterwards? They pack more than one 20" suitcase. That might be a reason to rent. There are unusual situations in which an extra bag is needed, that one time. There are people who insist on having 'allegedly' the best of everything or designer brands so this might save them money as well. Some people wouldn't dream of shopping at TJMaxx, Target, etc. It is life, people are different, so this might be a good alternative, just probably not for the RS crowd.

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What about the student who is spending their study year abroad?...or coming home afterwards?

How would they get the case back to its origin? And do it all again at the end?

Cheap Luggage Options
1) Borrow
2). Thrift store and donate back when done if storing luggage is difficult
3). Cheap, cinch (laundry)sack with straps from Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Just need something to haul stuff in.
Renting luggage sounds more complicated than necessary.

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It would cost less to ship a box to/from Europe than to rent a bag...