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RS discounts at various shops in Europe

So I see in many of Rick's books that often a shop will offer a discount of some sort for purchases. It mentions that you need to show your RS guidebook.

My question is, do you need to have the actual paperback in hands for this? I have a couple of his guidebooks in digital form to make it easier while we are abroad. Would it suffice to show the discount stated on my phone (Kindle app) or do I need to buy the paperbacks?

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I think since you are on a tour you can say I'm on a RS tour, do you give a discount? In St Goar we saw a demo on beer steins after which the owner offered a discount at his store and at his Mom's store across the street.

editing to add: You will have the big Europe guide book as well. Even if you have some of the pages torn out of it for your day's touring I would think that would work as well as your Kindle apps if a shop owner is fussy.

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I don't know about using a Kindle, but at least twice when we asked for the RS discount we were asked to show the book. Once in Madrid; I think the other time was in Granada.

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Any current edition of the book should be valid to get the listed discounts, but of course individual merchants may not yet have seen the e-books. You might want to show the book before you get too far along in the purchase.

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Our RS tour leader told us to tear off the cover of our book if we didn't want to carry the whole book, the merchants would honor this.