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Road Scholar Travelers: Did you know they include some insurance with your trip purchase?

I’ve been sitting at my computer this morning, pondering the final payment for our April Portugal tour and I’ve been assessing every possible angle for cancellation/transfer should we need to bail on the trip at the last minute.

In doing my research, I came across a note from Road Scholar that says insurance is included with our payment. I read through the policy and it’s true - they include a reasonable policy that includes 75K of medical care and 125K of emergency evacuation coverage (nearest good hospital - not hospital of your choice).

I’ve already got a yearly policy with a company I like but I thought this might be helpful to share. Note that it’s not cancellation coverage. I’ll paste a link here for anyone who wants to read it.

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Thanks for posting this! I've got a trip with them in June to the Baltics, so this is helpful.

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" . . . emergency evacuation coverage (nearest good hospital - not hospital of your choice)."

Yeah thats the tricky language thats used in many travel insurance policies. In other words, they cover the ambulance to the nearest local hospital. You have to look close and pay more to get the evac to hospital of your choice (back home), which might include the nurse that has to travel with you..

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@Stan - yes, that is a common limitation and it’s good for people to be aware of it. For that reason, I buy MedJetAssist coverage - which really will take me home. However, since it’s free from RoadScholar, it’s good to know there is some limited coverage. It will evacuate you to the nearest good treatment location and it will then either return you to your travels or send you home. It will bring out a family member or friend if you are in the hospital for 3 days and are otherwise alone. It will also advance payment to a hospital, if necessary, to get you admitted (many policies only reimburse) so that’s a nice addition.

I also choose insurance that will advance payment and is primary coverage (vs. secondary).

I’ll still purchase my own evacuation coverage but I might rely on their medical cost coverage.

At any rate - kudos to Road Scholar for offering this:)

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Valerie--We have travelled internationally with RS and on our own repeatedly without insurance; that doesn't seem wise (at least to us) in 2022. I just went to MedJet--do you get the Med Jet Horizon --or the Transfer? It isn't clear to me what "security, crisis assistance actually means), although I can see the benefit of "cash advance for medical emergencies."