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Prepaid SIM cards

The last time we went to Europe I bought Prepaid Talk, Text, and Data SIM cards from The UK provider was called Three. The SIMS worked flawlessly–right from the insertion of the SIM into the phone at CDG—and over eighteen days and through several countries.
I still have the SIMs and I hoped I could just reuse them by topping them up. The website however will only accept UK Credit Cards.
So, I guess I will have to purchase new SIMS for an upcoming trip but the price has more that doubled and, in some cases, tripled in price.
Has anyone else had a positive Prepaid SIM Card experience to share

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UK at least ,if a SIM is unused for 3 months they reassign the number

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Looking at your other posts it appears that you will be in London and France. You could pick up a SIM card and plan once you are in London. I would suggest EE as they still allow free roaming to the EU on their pay as you go plans. Just find one of their shops and they will install the SIM for you. I used them for my recent UK trip and the service worked fine. There are probably cheaper options but at £15 or less than 20 US for 15GB it was cheap enough for me.

Enjoy your trip.

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We're flying into CDG, staying a week, then going to London. Should have said that.

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Actually, it does have coverage International but it’s quite prohibitive and costly.
Most providers just charge a premium rate for a fixed number of days but not my plan.

For our trip in July I bought SIMs from Three again, which worked flawlessly previously, but not this time.
For our trip this month I got Orange Int'l cards but they are just good for 14 days. I guess I'll try and pick up a local SIM as soon as I can.