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Paris metro card shuffle

We will arrive in Paris next month on a Saturday and depart early on a Thursday morning, with a likely cab to Gare de Lyon on the day of departure, so really we will need tickets for Saturday through Wednesday. I've been playing with the different metro pass options and this is the most economical version I've managed to come up with. I think it makes sense but I'd like some feedback.

For myself and husband: carnet for Saturday and Sunday, Navigo Decouverte for Monday through Wednesday

For the two kids (under 9): tickets jeunes for Saturday and Sunday, kids' carnets for Monday through Wednesday, separate RER ticket for visit to Versailles

With one adult carnet and two kids', this would run a bit over 100 Euro, which I think is not bad for five days for four people. Any other ideas of combinations of the various options would be welcomed. Only ride outside zone 2-3 is likely to be on the Versailles visit.

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A big change is coming to the Metro on June 12 if all goes according to schedule. Easy Navigo will replace the carnet of paper tickets with an electronic card (like many other cities.) Prices remain the same: €1.90 for a single trip and €14.90 for ten trips
The card itself costs €2 euro and can be recharged at machines or direct sales (don't know about the Tabac stores.) It's an electronic wallet rather than a pass.

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While I agree that would be convenient, I don't see that being a cost savings at all, unless they are going to cap it each day and also make a concession for children, also as London does with the Oyster.

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This Easy Navigo thing is news that we should spread!
I'm a big fan of saving money but I'm also a big fan of convenient transit cards, whether passes or refillable, but but I'm also the type of Paris tourist who spends an entire day at the Louvre (and peri-Louvre) and then an entire day peri-another mega attraction, so on those days I'm not doing a lot of hopping on and hopping off, just getting there and back -- so one-day or multi-day passes aren't always a good buy for me. Therefore, if the new system is going to be a refillable card, that will be progress for my use case.

Sorry for the jargony gobbledygook.
What's the French term for jargony gobbledygook, I wonder?