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MobilePassport app to charge $

When I logged on to Mobile Passport today I had an "opportunity" to upgrade -- didn't do it and later read that the upgraded version is $15 per year versus free. Evidently free MP will no longer remember your passport information so you will type it in each time ?
Got through SFO in less than 10 minutes while watching the masses in long lines. Don't know how much faster Global Entry would have been.

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And Mobile Passport only works if the nitwit employees in passport control are smart enough to understand how to use it. Atlanta passport control employees just about made me pull my hair out as the Mobile Passport line was THE last line of people to finally get through. I had a long layover only to see it evaporate and me have to run to barely make it to my gate before the door closed.

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Thanks for sharing, Laura. I just opened the app, and yes...the option is upgrade and pay or delete your data. I deleted my data and will continue to use the free version.

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What does this do that my RFD chip E-Passport does not do? My re-entry to DIA goes pretty smoothly ... go to the reader machine, put the chip passport on the reader, look into the machine and go.

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Laura B: thanks for this alert. I don't mind having to reenter my information each time, but I could see how frequent travelers would gladly pay $15 not to have to do it every time. (Of course, many of those people will have Global Entry).

Rockies: With Mobile Passport, you can use the Mobile Passport line instead of the regular line. Obviously, it depends on the airport, terminal, and time of day. But, the three or four times I've used it, it saved me about 45-60 minutes of waiting in GIGANTIC lines, vs. just having 1-3 people ahead of me in the Mobile Passport line.

So, I'm a huge fan, as are the others I've recommended it to. But we've used it at JFK (terminals 4 and 8), Newark, and Dulles; Denver may be different.

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Just used the mobile passport for the first time at SFO last Saturday. Used the free version that was actually a weeks free trial , I just filled it all out as we were waiting on plane to disembark, hit sent and when we got to Customs, we sailed right through! Only bummer was...had to wait for our luggage. But, I am a huge fan and wouldn't mind paying the 15 bucks to make it even easier.

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Don't know how much faster Global Entry would have been.

At least at JFK T4, GE is a group of kiosks so if there is a line, it's very quick. I have never had to wait on a line. Plus you automatically get TSA Precheck which is very much worth it!

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A couple of years ago I thought about getting Mobile Passport, but inertia overcame me and I never did. Last week, arriving in Boston from France, the couple behind me on the plane were clearly having trouble dealing with Mobile Passport; I don't know how that turned out. In any event, at the airport I saw signs referencing Global Entry and Mobile Passport, but no arrows pointing towards any lines. We went through the line, and despite the fact that there were a lot of people, the combination of a lot of staff at the kiosks and the sheer number of kiosks made getting through a breeze. And I never did see any separate lines of people for GE or MP. So it reduces my desire to bother with Mobile Passport. Maybe at other airports it would be different.

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Having GE, I'm not sure I'd be inclined to pay for the MP app. Having said that, I do keep it on my phone just in case and as a back up for Global Entry.

The first time I used the Mobile Passport app was on a trip returning from Costa Rica before actually enrolling in GE. The customs and immigration lines in Miami were insanely long, and I ended up downloading the Mobile Passport app while standing in the regular line, filled it out, submitted the info, then hopped out of the normal line and breezed through the MP one. That was the only reason I was able to make my connecting flight.

Funny enough, my managing to download, fill out, and submit everything through the MP app so quickly and easily while standing in line is part of why I don't see the need to pay for it. But in case I ever arrive back in the US and find a super long GE line or some issue with the kiosks or what have you, it's good to know I have a back up for expedited entry.

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Returning to Seattle from Europe a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that MP no longer saves my info. So I had to reenter my passport info and snap a new photo while the plane was taxiing to the gate.

I passed all the Global Entry people on my way out (not that their lines were long). And this has been my experience in the past at SeaTac. MP is actually a little bit faster than GE. Even for $15 a year, it's cheaper than GE unless you have a credit card that offers it as a benefit.

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I've used the free. Last trip I check in at Dublin and couldn't find any evidence they used MP. Before that I've used it on multiple returns from Europe. I had to put in my passport information, that really doesn't bother me.

I might do Global Entry (I used to be the CBP spokesperson for Global Entry) but I really don't like taking an extra trip to the airport for an interview. I don't really like the fee but planning and scheduling the interview is the inconvenience that puts me off.

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We chose to enroll in Global Entry (fees reimbursed by credit cards) but the next available appointment was after we would leave on our next trip so we will try the Enrollment on Entry option -- doing the interview when we return through SFO.
BUT we may fill out the Mobile Passport data just in case there's a crowd at GE.

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"Last trip I check in at Dublin and couldn't find any evidence they used MP."

They don't as of now. Here's the list of airports that have Mobile Passport:

Note that Dulles used to have it, but it has been removed; I don't know why, but they're supposed to get it back at some time in the future. As their Twitter account indicates, the reasons for this are very opaque: