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Minimal Travel Insurance

We've been getting full service coverage for travel insurance but just got burned badly by AIG for not cancelling our trip insurance in a timely fashion for a trip we did not take, our mistake. Now we're wondering what others might suggest for more modest coverage. We're old but have excellent health coverage that extends to Europe but would not cover any lodging for the spouse that would not be in the hospital. Does anyone know of a less expensive policy that would cover those ancillary expenses? I know we can get coverage for airfare through our carrier. Thanks

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Scott, Welcome to the burned by AIG club. People either hate them or love them. I'm curious what they told you when you asked for a refund?

I am not aware of any coverage that will cover spouse's lodging if you are traveling together but that doesn't mean the coverage doesn't exit. If you are traveling separately, Allianz's policy has "travel to bedside" coverage but that doesn't mention hotel.

Is your at-home insurance Medicare based? Most supplemental plans cover $50,000 out-of-US lifetime medical benefit, but check your policy. Medicare A&B don't cover out of US.

I had an annual policy with Allianz that just expired, but covered two trips. I bought it because several people on the forum recommended Allianz and the covid coverage at the time seemed better. Fortunately I didn't need to file a claim so can't help you with that. You will need to check policy coverages and prices.

Also look at for evacuation insurance since their terms and conditions are much more generous.

Since I travel solo I look at coverage. Price is important but not the deciding factor. Company reliability and policy coverage matter more to me.

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I’m wondering if would be helpful for you to compare many policies/companies and find one or more that sound good to you. Once i think i know which one i’ll go with i call InsureMyTrip’s phone # and talk to a real person and go over everything.

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Re spouses lodging costs: I think I actually may have seen something like that listed somewhere. However, here are my thoughts. If the amount of time is short, the cost of lodging for the spouse will be minor. If the amount of time is significant, you should be looking at medical evacuation. That’s the most significant cost you can incur if you have a bad accident or suffer some serious illness. As someone once said, “don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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Does anyone have a recommendation for an annual policy that will cover longer than 45 days? I am planning on 3 months in Europe at one time (September, October and November 2024). I just checked on Alliance and their policies are not applicable for longer than 45 days. Thanks so much.