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flying to scandinavia

Does anyone have any suggestions or words of wisdom in flying to Sweden and out of Norway. Is it cheaper to fly to London then take a smaller/local airline to and from Scandinavia? Any thoughts or ideas will be welcomed.

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you dont say where your from so im just going to assume from the USA.

here is what i learned from my trip to Scandinavia last year.

  1. its expensive.
  2. try booking your flight there and see what comes up.

what i did. Since i use AMS as my "hub" thats where i tried to get a flight from. It wasnt good. most of the 1 or 2 hour direct flights were 1k USD. some 4 hour flights w/stopover in CPH were 300 USD. some more $$$ with longer layovers futher away.

So try booking your fight direct from where you live.

Once i was over there, i was able to get some puddle jumpers < 100 USD.

your mileage my vary (ymmv)

happy trails.

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There may be a sale to Scandanavia right now on tickets purchased the next week. There are some specific dates and limitations, however. See and his travel section.

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You may want to post this question in the Transportation section where you'll probably get more responses.

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You don't give dates or where you'll be flying out of.

Checkout Norwegian Air Shuttle for great airfares out of New York or Ft. Lauderdale to popular Scandinavian cities.

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Without knowing your starting point, it is difficult for anyone to give you accurate answers.

I would check flights with Iceland Air though.

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It may be cheaper to fly into another European airport first.

SAS does have a cheap flight deal for people who fly into Scandinavia using them, then want to take another flight elsewhere in Scandinavia. It's worth factoring in.

Sometimes Icelandair has deals for people who stop a night in Iceland.

I always try all the options, and usually track them for a month or two, before booking. Be sure to check multiple dates too, sometime moving your dates by a couple of days can make a big difference.