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Firenze Card and Children

My family of four, including our 17 and 11 year old will be visiting Florence in June. Obviously we are not members of the EU and I find it a little unclear whether I should/need to get them Firenze cards in addition to ours. Will their tickets be discounted/free enough to warrant not buying them Firenze cards but buying them individual tickets? If so, can they go in the Firenze lines with us or will we lose the 'short line/no reservation' benefit if we buy their individual tickets?

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We used Firenze cards last Summer. Our 9 year old daughter was added to my card at NO charge. This meant that she could not enter an attraction without me. If your 17 year old wants to go solo - he may need his own card. If traveling with you, I believe he can be added to your card. I would bring proof of his age - passport - to show he is under age 18. We are Americans and still benefitted from the free child policy for EU. You may want to consider a "friends of the Uffizi" pass. Compare the two.