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Eurostar, small savings

I will risk duplicating this tip as I can't remember whether I saw it here or elsewhere.

If you are buying Eurostar tickets, make certain to get to the British site, not the US's site.
Reason? At the UK site the prices are shown in GBP, your transaction goes through in GBP, and your bank network will do a regular conversion. If you are in the US site, the prices are shown in USD, at their preselected Dynamic Conversion rate.

Example - today we purchased 2 tickets at 38 GBP each, and were charged by my bank $122.10, which is within cents of the expected conversion rate shown, On the US site, these tickets were $67 each ($134).
These 9% increases, while seemingly small, add up rapidly over time. Also note Eurostar's surcharge for using a credit card, does not apply to a debit card.

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A very good tip. DCC is here to stay and rapidly spreading.