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credit cards with no foreign transaction fees

both of my credit cards have a 3% foreign transaction fee. Does anyone know of a card that doesn't have foreign transaction fees? If so, does it have an annual fee?

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Capital One has one with no FTF or yearly fee. Interest rate is higher so you have to pick your poison.

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Costco Citi Visa (no annual fee if you have a Costco membership) has no annual fees.

The AA Citi Mastercard has no foreign transaction fees. They have a promo right now for 60,000 bonus miles after you spend $3,000 in the first three months, and they waive the annual fee for the first year. This would be a great card to get right before a trip: use the card to spend up that $3,000 and get the bonus. AA's mileage program seems to have improved; I'm having decent luck getting overseas flights with their miles in the last few years. 60,000 miles really can get you a free round trip ticket to Europe from the US (with some fees).

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I have an UNFCU credit card, no foreign transaction fees (FTF), plus it is true Chip and PIN with PIN priority. It does have a small annual fee ($50), but well worth it for the features.

It takes some doing to get, have to join a group that supports the UN, then go through a credit application process, but again, a one time effort. They do have a couple other cards that have no fee and a 1% FTF.

This link has a decent comparison of cards, focusing on Chip and PIN, if I were to go to the effort to get another card, I would make sure it is PIN capable, ideally PIN priority.

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There are many cards that don't have a foreign transaction fee. None of the United airline cards do. Just go to the Chase site and pick your card. I think most if not all of the Chase family cards do not have FT fees. Some of the cards have nice side benefits such as paying the Global Entry fee. Probably the same for the CITI family of cards.

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There are a lots of cards with no FTF, some of those have no annual fee. Here are a few:

Bank of America Travel Rewards Card
Several cards from CapitalOne (Venture One Rewards card, Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards card, Capital One SavorOne card)

(Personally, I don't have any of the above cards...I'm OK with paying an annual fee for a credit card that provides good benefits.)

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If you want a visa card that is chip and PIN and no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees, join the Andrews Federal Credit Union. To be eligible to join, you may need to join the American Consumer Council - (use promo code "Andrews" to avoid the $5 fee). Credit unions have weird rules for who is eligible to join sometimes.

As a bonus, you can get their debit card with no per-use fee though it does incur a 1% currency conversion fee.

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Chase just told me my United card does have a 3% foreign transaction fee, so check carefully.

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I have two, CapitalOneVisa and Wells Fargo Signature Visa.

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I am in love with my Bank of America travel card, $500 free dollars if you spend $3000? In 3 months, $100 domestic flight credit that covers upgrades,food, movies etc. Reimbursement for global entry program fee of $100. There is a $95 annual fee ( figure I get $405 free dollars instead). I take my trip, get my perks and cancel before the renewal is charged as I don’t fly internationally except every3 years or so, then I just apply for whatever travel card gives me the best perks. People say this effects your credit score, but I don’t care as it has never caused an issue in the 12 years I’ve been changing out cards. Oh, and I pay my cards off monthly so don’t pay attention to interest rates.

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I have a Nordstrom VISA with no transaction fee and no annual fee. The service related to the credit card is excellent. I earn coupons to use for purchasing at Nordstroms or Nordstroms Rack. If you have a Nordstrom in your area, there are additional benefits.

I also have a DELTA AMEX, that does not have a foreign transaction fee, but it does have an annual fee.

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I recently signed up for Capital One Venture. I think i got 25000 miles when spending $3000 the first 3 months. I used the miles to reduce my Icelandair airfare cost. The card doesn't charge foreign transaction fee and no annual fee.

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Capital One Venture gives you full credit for your money on the currency exchange. However they have a $59 yearly fee. The good is that you get paid 2% of all charges that can be used for travel. That's one flight to Europe yearly for our family that's paid by the card.

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Alaska Airlines VISA Signature card $89
IHG Chase reward card $89 (Global Entry or TSA Pre✓® Fee Credit & free hotel night)

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...Chase just told me my United card does have a 3% foreign transaction fee, so check carefully.......

What is the card name???? I just checked the Chase site and could not find any United card that had a 3% foreign transaction fee? Looked at the explorer card, the travelbank, the plus card, the Club card -- all have no fee.

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Capital One MasterCard - No annual fee. No foreign transaction fees.

TD Bank Visa - No annual fee. No foreign transaction fees.

Chase Bank - No annual fee. But they charge a small percentage for foreign transaction fees.

Citibank MasterCard - No annual fee. They may charge a small percentage for foreign transaction fees.

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Adding to the previous post:

Capitalone, TD Visa, Amazon Visa through Chase all no yearly fee, no FTF.

Our CapOne quicksilver also gets 1.5% cashback on everything. The TD Visa has 3% on groceries, 2% on restaurants 1% the rest. The Amazon Visa via Chase has 3% on Amazon, 2% on restaurants.
Our other longstanding Chase card does not have the FTF.
CapOne has a variety of card offers, they all should be free and without FTF.

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My American Express card does not have a foreign transaction fee, but I do not know if that's true of all AmEx cards. Same thing for my Mastercard.

One of the easiest options for many Americans is to get an Amazon Prime Visa card. I think you have to have an Amazon Prime account for this, but other than the Prime membership fee which gives benefits at Amazon, there is no additional fee for the card itself and no foreign transaction fees.

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Chase Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards don't have foreign transaction fees, though do indeed have annual fees. Same goes for the American Express Platinum card - no foreign transaction fees, though a hefty annual fee. A lot of travelers find them worthwhile nonetheless because of things like lounge access, Global Entry fee statement credits, elite status with various hotel groups, Uber credits, points redemption values, points earning on travel related purchases, etc.

It's worth checking out actual travel-related cards - cards that are branded to airline FF programs and earn airline miles (Southwest Rapid Rewards, Citi AAdvantage card) can often, as a card marketed to people looking to earn airline miles to travel, be foreign transaction fee-free since they know their customers would want that.

When it comes to providers with most all (and maybe even actually all) of their cards being foreign transaction fee-free, I think you'd be limited to Capital One and Discover. As has been mentioned before, though, the tradeoff can often be higher interest rates.

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Amazon Visa cars have no foreign transaction fees.

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This is a good resource for selecting credit cards on any criteria:

Be careful with AMEX (and forget about Discover), it's nowhere as widely accepted in Europe as MasterCard or Visa. Capital One is the most straightforward choice, I don't think any of their cards have a foreign transaction fee. These days, if you have high credit, there are all sorts of cash back programs available with no annual fees on various cards. I'm not a fan of branded cards (including airline or travel-based ones) that funnel you to specific merchants (unless you were already spending a substantial amount of money there anyway on a monthly basis).

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I was going to mention the Nordstrom card but Jules beat me to it. But I will repeat: No annual fee and no FTF.

As for AmEx, ( which does have an annual fee), while it may not be widely accepted on the ground in Europe, it can be very useful for purchasing train tickets in advance from European train companies. AmEx is accepted by the European train companies and other websites that may reject American Visa and Mastercards as lacking in security.

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If you're an AAA member, some clubs offer a good option no forex-no annual fee option through Bank of America:

I've got three different AmEx cards. The no annual fee ones (Blue, Everyday) have a forex fee, but the Delta Platinum one with its $195 annual fee (I get more value than that from the annual domestic BOGO ticket coupon) does not have a forex fee.

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What is the card name???? I just checked the Chase site and could not find any United card that had a 3% foreign transaction fee?

It is probably this one which is no longer offered. It has foreign transaction fee. I still have this card because I did not want to pay the higher annual fee that the United Explorer card. I never use it in Europe because of the foreign transaction fee.

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If it is no longer offered, then it is not part of the discussion. Someone needs to upgrade their card. Whether a card charges a fee or not is strictly marketing on the part of the card issuer. And the trend lately is -- no fee. Nearly everyone is doing it.

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With the power of Internet search engines, search for:
"credit cards with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee" and do the research.

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Bank of America Travel Rewards Visa

Many credit unions offer them including UNFCU and NFCU.

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I have a Charles Schwab debit card that is widely recommended for its many travel benefits. It is a funded debit card, not a credit card, and it is tied to an investment account that does not require funding. Applying for the account will initiate a hard hit on your credit report. Easily researched, as are all the others mentioned on this thread. There are dozens of excellent cards on the market. Just be sure to read the many negative consumer reviews hidden all over the intertubes. It is easy to discern real reviews from fake.

When I returned from Scotland, my Schwab statement showed zero transaction and exchange fees for any of the many ATMs, admissions, or restaurant purchases.