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Chase Sapphire and other travel rewards cards...

Does anyone here use the Chase Sapphire Preferred card or other cards to their advantage to earn travel points? Which card do you prefer for international travel? I saw one blog that suggested that the Chase SPC was best for the short term (2-3 years), while the Capital One Venture card was best for long term loyalty. It didn't explain why though.

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I use a Fidelity card that pays me back 2% in cash. I can use the cash for whatever I want, including travel. Unlike milage or points which can be devalued by simply increasing the number of miles/points to get a free trip, the cash is in your pocket and can't be devalued by any corporation.

Oh, No Fees.

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i dont use them for any bonus miles or things like that. you may want to check those cards and see if they have any foreign transaction fees associated with them.

you can play their game, but i have better things to do.

I like $$$ so thats what i get. I kept on seeing policies change where instead of having X points to buy a ticket they change it to X + 10k more to get the same and then there are the restrictions. There maybe some that are decent or achievable, but id just rather have the $$$.

for the longest time i only had 1 credit card via my credit union. it had foreign transaction fees and such, but i get something like 2% back in cash or travel or other BS things to buy via catalog.

I recently got a BOA Chip-N-Signature card to try since its a good idea to have a backup card. The BOA card is the travel version where there isn't any foreign transaction fees. They do have some partnerships in Europe so the ATM fees are waived too. I'm still in the trail mode so i will use the card for my next years travel and then re-evaluate if i will keep it. This card also has some cash back or rewards, but again, I'm going for the $$$.

good luck and happy trails.

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I was considering the Chase SPC and the Cap. 1 Venture card. What I am looking for (if it's even out there) is a chip and PIN card with no foreign fees and cash back/travel rewards. My credit union has the chip and PIN system and no foreign fees; however, I'm not sure about the rewards/cash back.

This was the video that got my interest. Let me know if his logic is correct.

also, if I'm reading the Chase website correctly, you can also opt for cash back in lieu of the points.

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if you havet seen this, take a look. The first post is a spreadsheet of CnP/CnS cards and some of the fees associated with them. Its updated every so often, but as you should know, banks can write their own fees anytime so whats good now may not be tomorrow.


happy trails.

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While I appreciate those who only want $$ to use as they like, I would never have the opportunity to fly Biz Class if it wasn't for my American AAdvantage credit cards. I use them for everything and have been able to upgrade to Biz Class on many overseas flights over the years. I could never afford to pay for Biz Class seats without my frequent flyer miles. While the copay required has increased over the years, the number of miles required for an upgrade hasn't changed in a long time.

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I use the Chase Sapphire whenever I go to Europe, but cancel within the year to avoid annual fee. I also apply for it when they are offering 40K bonus miles which converts to 400 cash! I started with the Capitol One, but they ticked me off by giving me a 3k limit ( not near enough) and after a year, I wasn't allowed to raise my limit,( even with stellar credit) couldn't even talk to anyone about it, they wouldn't allow it! they said they reviewed the cards to raise the limit, but wouldn't give me a time frame, 5 yrs later my limit is the same, granted I don't use it anymore. After that I got the Chase with 25k limit, whatever.