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Capital One Debit Card

I've used Capital One Debit cards for international travel for almost 10 years and has always been fee free. We are departing Friday and just making sure I'm notifying banks of international travel for both debit and credit cards.
On Capital One's travel notification link, they say because of the chip it's not necessary to notify them (no issues here), but then it says

We never charge foreign transaction fees for purchases. Just remember when you use international ATMs there's a fee of $2 plus 3% of the amount you withdraw.

We were just in Italy in April and didn't experience these fees.

Does anyone know if their policy changed recently? We are going to be in Italy for a year, so this is a "Holy CXXX" moment. Will call them tomorrow (not open now).

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We too have used CapOne for about 10 years with their High Yield Money Market account (older product) and have never had any surcharge. This has never been changed. 3% of your withdrawal amount is in fact the “Foreign Transaction Fee”. You need to speak with their customer service - which we have always found to be first rate and cannot believe you cannot get through to them on their toll free number which should not be down for the day - and clarify this. As for that ATM fee, CapOne should not be charging one, and If it is a fee of the ATM machine they cannot do anything about it as they do not refund fees the way Schwab and some others do.

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I checked my Capital One (360, does that matter?) debit MasterCard and there is no notification about fees.

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That sounds more like a cash withdrawal fee on a credit, not a debit, card.

I just checked the rates on my recent withdrawals. I used my Cap One ATM card twice in Istanbul at the end of last month. I looked at the mid-market rates on and that's exactly what I was charged, so no fees at all.

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I used my Cap One 360 card in England last month and wasn't charged any kind of fee. hmmm...

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Some Capital One accounts do now charge fees for cash withdrawals using your debit card.

Their 360 account still does not. (And if it ever does, I am closing that account.)

Don't hesitate to call them for clarification and to see if they can either change your account or let you open a 360 account if your account has no option to avoid the fees.

Also, alas, the higher than industry standard daily withdrawal limits have ended. I got a letter from Capital One today informing me that my daily ATM limits were reduced to $500 a day or $2500 a week with no allowance for higher limits. Several other changes to how much money can be moved in and out of my accounts per day as well. Bummer.